The Band

It was in 2009 when Ron Merz first began writing music under the name of BLOODRED and from the very beginning the music was rooted in the more extreme genres of Metal: Black and Death Metal with influences from Thrash and some British Doom

Due to the musical orientation and the needs to the musicianship his Swabian homeland is lacking matching fellow musicians. So BLOODRED to this day is the sole project of Ron Merz, but the clear goal is to bring the music to the stage and so he is always looking for collaborators.
In 2013 Ron first got in touch with Alexander Krull, who has already worked for bands like LEAVES ́ EYES, ATROCITY, BELPHEGOR or OBSCURA. In his Mastersound Studio the first professional recordings for BLOODRED took place some month later.

This is the cover for the first EP "THE LOST ONES" of german Blackened Death act BLOODRED
The cover for the EP “THE LOST ONES”

The drums were recorded by Joris Nijenhuis (LEAVES ́ EYES, ATROCITY), who added another dimension to the music with his precise and dynamic playing. Alex Krull oversaw the recording of the first EP “THE LOST ONES”, which was released digitally in June 2014 and physically in August.

The EP got enthusiastic reviews from all over the world (selection):

“There are biting guitars, snappy while frosty beautiful melodies and aggressive vocals. […] And this brings two good songs. And that’s more than others create on a whole CD.“
(Legacy Germany #93, incl. interview and the song „The Lost Ones” on the Magazine-CD)

BLOODRED managed a crystal clear production on their first creation, well feed by sophisticated compositions, a gem of the genre with just the first EP!“
(8,5/10 – Metalheads Union)

“It is always a wonderful thing to receive music of truly great musicians. Music that grabs you from the first second on and doesn’t let you go until the last second.“ (7/10 – Vendetta Metal Magazine)

After the highly positive response to the EP, BLOODRED went to the Mastersound Studio again in July / August 2015 to record more songs with Alexander Krull. The drums were once again played by Joris Nijenhuis who gave the songs a very individual touch. The release date for the new album “NEMESIS” is set to April 8th 2016.


This is the artwork for the first full length album "NEMESIS" by BLOODRED
This is the artwork for the first full length album “NEMESIS”.

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