NEMESIS was released back in April and it got many fantastic reviews from all over the world. Thank you all for your appreciation and support, it really means a lot to me!
If you haven´t got your copy yet, NEMSIS is still available as a CD in our webshop and for downloading and streaming.

But now it´s time to set sails and embark on a journey to new shores. In other words: The songwriting for the NEXT ALBUM has already begun! Find a few seconds of some works-in-progress riffing in the video. I will keep you updated …Song

After the release in April NEMESIS got so many positive reactions from all over the world (find some here). All the feedback really means a lot to me … Thank you!

From today NEMESIS will be available as a free download on Bandcamp. If you haven´t got your copy yet, now is the time!

So, why is it a free download now? Over the past few month I came to the conclusion, that nowadays as an independent artist with no record label it is difficult (if not impossible) to get your music to be heard. There are so many bands and artists out there who are competing for your attention, that charging for music often is a big obstacle for the listeners to really engage in the music. Fortunately I don´t make music to earn my living. BLOODRED is my passion and therefore of course I want it to be heard.

Nevertheless recording and releasing an album obviously  on a professional level has it´s costs. So if you want to support BLOODRED you always can pay a price you like on Bandcamp or you can download/stream the album from all the known platforms (iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Deezer, Google Music …). Every support is appreciated!

The first full-lenght album “NEMESIS” was released on April 8th. So far it got really good reviews, so here are some links. Enjoy the read!

Get “NEMESIS” on Bandcamp: