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First: BLOODRED is alive and well!

Although it has been quiet for a while now, everything´s well in the BLOODRED-camp. A while ago I posted, that the recordings for the new album had begun – and this was true at that time. But life has it´s own ways and things change. So I had to postpone the recordings and now I´m trying synchronize schedules. You know, it´s not an easy task when the producer and the drummer are on two US-Tours in the meantime and are working on new music themselves …

This time around I want to approach the recording a little bit different. Mainly it´s about having more time to work on the details and being free about the timing of the recording sessions. This is why I´ve upgrade my studio (see picture below): I´m now using a Kemper Profiler Powerrack with a Focusrite Clarett 8pre (Thunderbolt) as preamp. Especially the Kemper Amp is a wonderful and versatile tool, which gives you so many possibilities to create the sound you want. Everythings connected to the iMac with Logic Pro X as the recording software.

So all in all I´m ready to go! I´ll keep you posted …

In the meantime you can listen to a little song I did for my favourite soccer-team:

While I´m still working on the new album I decided to do a little side-project. I´m a avid supporter of my favorite local football (soccer!) team VfB Stuttgart. Which is why I´m a lifetime member and why I wanted to do a song for the team for a long time now. Of course it had to be BLOODRED-style, so this maybe a different treat .. Enjoy!

I wish you all a Happy New Year! Stay safe and celebrate this life, it´s the only one we have.

Friends and fans, thanks for your support this year, 2017 will again bring many new and exciting things in the BLOODRED camp (new album anyone?). Also a big “Thank You” to all magazins, websites or blogs for the great reviews for “NEMESIS” – every single one is highly appreciated!