Cover and Tracklist released

You know the release-date (April 8th), now it´s time to unveil the cover for „NEMESIS“ and share the tracklist with you!

The front-cover artwork for the album was created by well-known german artist STEFAN HEILEMANN who previously has worked for bands like KREATOR, NIGHTWISH, LINDEMANN and LEAVES ́ EYES. It captures the dark essence of the ageless spirit “NEMESIS” in the best possible way.

This is what Ron Merz has to say about the artwork: “Working with Stefan was a great experience. While the basic concept for the artwork was already done we came up with some great ideas during the initial photo shootings. Stefan then turned this bits and pieces into a truly great piece of art.“

Stefan Heilemann adds: „This birth of nemesis is the abyss in detail. A complex constructed gate of bane.“

“NEMESIS” track list:
01. Fell Voices On The Wind
02. Tragedien I Svenskehuset
03. Nemesis
04. The Hail-Storm
05. Collateral Murder
06. The Lost Ones
07. Spirits Of The Dead
08. Im Kalten Licht Der Ewigkeit

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