Looking back on 2014

Now that the end of the year is coming closer it´s time to look back on what has been the most exciting year in BLOODRED´s history so far.

It all started with the recordings sessions for “THE LOST ONES” at the MASTERSOUND STUDIO with Alex Krull producing and Joris Nijenhuis on the drums. It was such a great experience and I´m still very pleased with the outcome. The EP was released digitally in advance in June and the actual release of the digipack was at the end of August. It is still available as a download on iTunes, Bandcamp, Amazon and many more platforms. You can get the beautiful digipack at this location.


The EP got overwhelmingly great reviews, you can find some of them here and here. Just to quote a few:

Metalheads Union: “BLOODRED managed a crystal clear production on their first creation, well feed by sophisticated compositions, a gem of the genre with just the first EP!” (8,5/10)

Rotting Hill (Austria): “BLOODRED bietet dem Freund des Blackened Death Metals zwei ausgereifte, durchdachte und gut produzierte Songs.” (8/10)

Inside The Coffin“The fierce music, best compared to a band like EMPEROR, just screams for a full length release. I can only hope that this EP is nothing more than a small taste of the great things to come!”

I also met or got in touch with so many nice people this year: Alex, Joris and Thorsten at MASTERSOUND, Markus at METALMESSAGE, many great publishers or contributors to Metal magazines, websites etc. all over the world and of course the fans. Thank you all for great talks and inspiration!

But 2014 was just the harbinger of things to come … expect the full BLOODRED blast next year!

Until then: take care and stay metal! \m/


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