Reviews for “The Lost Ones” (Part 2)

Here´s another roundup of reviews and interviews for “The Lost Ones”. The EP was released digitally in June and the official release was on August 29th. It´s available on Bandcamp, iTunes or the Bloodred webstore (Digipak).

Legacy (Germany, issue #93):

Review Legacy magazine

Legacy print interview“Es gibt klirrende Gitarren, bissige und gleichzeitig frostig-schöne Melodien und aggressive Vocals. […] Und das bringt dann zwei gute Songs. Und das ist viel mehr, als andere auf einer ganzen CD schaffen.”

Theres also an interview in the magazine with a continuation online (read it here).

NoCleanSinging: “This is close to ten minutes of highly enjoyable metal that gives hope for future releases.

Vendetta Metal Magazine: “It is always a wonderful thing to receive music of truly great musicians. Music that grabs you from the first second on and doesn’t let you go until the last second.” (7/10)

I also did an interview with them (read it here).

NOIZZ Webzine (Spain): “Short but intense!” (7,5/10)

Allaroundmetal (Italy): “The sound of these two tracks is massive.” (4/5)

Metalheads Union: “BLOODRED managed a crystal clear production on their first creation, well feed by sophisticated compositions, a gem of the genre with just the first EP!” (8,5/10)

Rocka Rolla Zine (Argentina): “The two songs are well crafted, heavy riffs and good base, and Merz’s voice, rough and raspy, fits perfectly in style.

Rotting Hill (Austria): “BLOODRED bietet dem Freund des Blackened Death Metals zwei ausgereifte, durchdachte und gut produzierte Songs.” (8/10)

Underground Zine (Italy): 69/100

Listen to “The Lost Ones” here:

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