Reviews for “The Lost Ones” (Part 1)

Here are some reviews for “The Lost Ones”. The EP was released digitally in June and the official release was on August 29th. It is available on Bandcamp, iTunes or the Bloodred webstore (Digipak).

Metal Mellowdee: “This is blackened death metal in all its tumultuous glory.”

A Different Shade Of Black Metalzine: “Bloodred are a very great sounding melodic blackened death metal project and if you are fan of this musical genre, you should check out this ep.” (8/10)

Inside The Coffin: “The fierce music, best compared to a band like EMPEROR, just screams for a full length release. I can only hope that this EP is nothing more than a small taste of the great things to come!”

Apochs Metal Review: 7.5/10 Points

… to be continued …

Listen to “The Lost Ones” here:

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