Some thoughts about spreading the word

As you may know, BLOODRED has only one member: me. This is simply because I can´t find fellow musicians in my area who share my musical taste and are ok with my tight schedule. On the one hand this gives me full creative control over my music and lyrics, but on the other hand I lack the fun of playing with other people and playing live. And playing live is still the ultimate way of becoming known to the crowd.

So what do I do? What can I do?

First I have this little website, where I post my songs, liner notes to some of those songs and other stuff that might be interesting for the reader/listener. There is no heavy traffic on this site (yet), but I still like to have a place to write a little bit more extensive than e.g. on Facebook.

Second: Facebook. The BLOODRED site as of today has more than a thousand likes. This is really, really cool! And the best part is, that people from all over the world liked this page. But (there´s always a “but”): if I don´t pay Facebook most of my post will not be seen by most of the fans (can I call them “fans”?). Although I occasionally pay for the important posts, this is not really what I want to do (and what many other bands will do).

Third is Twitter and Twitter is dead for @Bloodredband. No one want´s to follow me there …

Last is SoundCloud. This is were I upload all my music and where I now have more than 200 followers. Again they are from all over the world and they sometimes even like to comment. From all platforms I like SoundCloud the most. There is no need to pay for getting shared to your followers and it gives you the opportunity to discover some great music.

I like to get in touch with people. All above mentioned platforms provide the tools for doing so. That´s good if all use them. Most people don´t so most of the time this is a one way communication. (Hey, talk to me!!)

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